Money Heist Series Korea, Who Is Jang Yoon Joo and Jeong Jong Seo?

Money Heist Series Korea, Who Is Jang Yoon Joo and Jeong Jong Seo?

The Money Heist drama series is back for you lovers of mystery stories, crime, to shooting. Success in the original version with the background story in the country of the matador, Spain, this series was later adapted with a Korea setting. The series, which tells the story of a herd of robbers, in the Korean version is set in the future, 2025. In which, it is told that two Korean countries in the North and South have officially collaborated to build a Joint Economic Zone.

With this cooperation, it is hoped that peace and cultural exchange will be achieved between the two countries that have been on different directions. However, instead of achieving prosperity, the jutsu of the gap between the rich and the poor is getting worse. From there then emerged a gang of masked robbers trying to loot wealth. They robbed a money printing center, and then printed as much money as possible.

This series stars experienced actors from the land of ginseng, Among Jeon Jong-seo who plays Tokyo and Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi. These two female characters are arguably one of the keys to the Money Heist storyline. The reason is, they both have dominant characters and become 2 women who play a role in determining various decisions for the judi ceme masked gang.

Interesting Differences Jang Yoon-Ju and Jeon Jong-Seo from Money Heist Series Korea

Money Heist Series Korea, Who Is Jang Yoon Joo and Jeong Jong Seo

Quoted from Hack Skeptic, maybe there are many drama fans who don’t know Jang Yoon Joo. this multitalented actress has actually been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades. Meanwhile, Jeon Jong Seo, the figure behind Tokyo at Money Heist Korea. The acting of the actress who was born on July 5, 1994 is considered impressive, so it’s no wonder that she is on the rise with the booming series Money Heist Korea. In fact, Jong Seo recently made her debut in the world of acting.

It’s different in drama, it’s different in everyday life. Jeong Jong-seo and Jang Yoon-ju who look compact in Money Heist, seem to have different styles in everyday life. Here are some interesting differences between the Tokyo and Nairobi actors in their daily lives:

  1. In terms of age, Yoon-ju is indeed much more senior than Jong-seo, 41 and 27. The distance between sisters or mothis and daughter, huh?
  2. Jeong Jong-seo and Jang Yoon-ju in a photo shoot. In addition to famous actors, they are also famous models in South Korea.
  3. Portraits of the two of them in their respective homes. Jong-seo is known for taking selfies by herself. Meanwhile, Yoon-ju prefers to be a model or someone takes a photo.
  4. Yoon-ju who has reached the age of mothiss seems to prefer tea compared to Jong-seo who likes to hangout.
  5. Outside of work, Tokyo alias Jong-seo prefers to drive while Nairobi or Yoon-ju prefers shopping.
  6. How to enjoy the afternoon with a different style. Nairobi outdoor, Tokyo indoor.

5 Reasons Every Sunshine Coast Business Needs Web Design

5 Reasons Every Sunshine Coast Business Needs Web Design

Introduction Sunshine Coast Business

Sunshine Coast is a beautiful part of the world. With amazing beaches, lush rain forests, and relaxed lifestyles, it is not surprising that many people choose to call this place home. If you are the lucky one who has a business on Sunshine Coast, then you know how important it is to make sure your website looks great and functions perfectly. Sunshine Coast is a beautiful part of the world and is home to thousands of businesses. This is home of Situs Slot Gacor to many creative entrepreneurs, and with so much natural beauty offered, no wonder people are interested in establishing a shop. While sales on the side of the road have charm, online presence becomes increasingly important if you want your business to succeed.

Sunshine Coast

5 web design reasons for  sunshine coast business

Design is everything in terms of making your website look professional. The Sunshine Coast business has the advantage of this area because we are surrounded by beaches and natural scenes that offer a lot of inspiration. Here are five reasons for web design to consider when building or refreshing your website:

Reason 1:  A website is a perfect way to show off your business to the world

Reason 2:  The website makes it easy for potential customers to find out about you and what you do

Reason 3:  A website is an excellent way to connect with customers and suppliers

Reason 4:  A website can help you achieve new markets

Reason 5:  Having a website giving your business excellence for your competitors

The benefits of using a web design agency Sunshine Coast

When you come to get a new website design or redesign there are many options that you have as a business. You can choose to do it yourself, use friends or family members, or hire a professional web design agent. While all of these choices have their own benefits, we believe that employing professional web design agents is the best choice for most businesses.

Some of these benefits include having a professional website that accurately represents their company, having access to designers and expert developers who can create unique websites to meet their specific needs, and getting help with online marketing and SEO so that their websites can reach more potential customer potential customers.

It is important to find the right agent to work with him when it comes to web design. They can not only help you create a website that looks great and user friendly, but they can also provide other benefits such as SEO and marketing services. By using a web design agency, the Sunshine Coast business can enjoy all the following benefits:

  • Improved online visibility
  •  Increased web traffic
  •  Greater brand awareness
  • improved customer engagement
  • More leads and conversions


Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place to live and work, with many natural attractions and good weather. But even the most beautiful location can only take your business so far. If you want to reach new customers and grow your company, you need a strong online presence.

The Halfway House Help You Transit from Rehab to the World

The Halfway House Help You Transit from Rehab to the World

Halfway House Help You Transit from Rehab

Do you know that the halfway house can help you to recover to the world? Recovery is a continuous process for some symptoms. A real test of your recovery occurs when you return to the community. Some people can get out of their old residence, but not everyone can. You have to, one day, return to where you come from.

But before you return, take time in one of the sober living homes near you. They can help you on your journey from the centre of rehabilitation to your home in a better way.

Going home from rehabilitation is not recommended, especially if you have a severe case of addiction.

Focus on de-addiction

When you experience recovery, you are more focused on your self de-addicting. You have to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal, terrible desires, and mental pain that come when you get rid of your favourite medicine, drink, or betting games like daftar idn poker.

Halfway House Help You

You can also be inserted into the drug to reduce symptoms. At the same time, you can undergo therapy to overcome mental problems. So, this is all about ‘improving’ your physical and mental health during recovery.

Once you are out of your addiction, what next?

After you complete the recovery program and start living without drugs or alcohol, you look confused about how to start from scratch again.

You still don’t have a purpose in life. Previously, your goal is to use drugs. Most of your time is spent getting supplies and thinking of getting the next.

The remaining time you are in “high” or in “accident.” So, life only passes and you don’t know.

Now you have discarded drugs or alcohol, what do you want from life?

Halfway house is the place where you can get answers to questions like that.

How Can Halfway House Helping Your Symptoms?

The house did various classes and sessions that helped someone know more about themselves. After you find your talents and interests, you find your true call. Many homes give recreation time to prisoners where they can pursue their hobbies, learn new skills, and be involved in art and music therapy.

All of this helps to improve your personality and help you get an idea of ​​what you want to do next in life.

Many houses encourage prisoners to find work while they live here. This helps you become independent, hone your skills, develop self-confidence, and create a vision for your future.

Places like a shelter in New Hampshire help people who have just recovered to start a promising life. Living here armed you with a coping mechanism in the face of triggers and cravings.

Life is not a rose bed. During your rehabilitation and residency at home, you are in a protected and monitored environment. However, when you step out into the real world, you must fight alone. Your true calm test begins now.

Prepare yourself well before you return to the community, which has all kinds of people and does not have 24×7 calm rules. You can also meet people who encourage drugs and alcohol.

The new advertising and marketing trends in 2022

The new advertising and marketing trends in 2022

To make a strong plan for fast terms, it is important to maintain the watch that you are aiming for a long period of time. No one can say with 100% exact what the fate of advertising and marketing is, but business specialists can provide benefits and predictions that are beneficial to a number of possibilities.

No one should expect how 2021 can change the face of advertisements and marketing. Those who carefully consider advertising and marketing their sports, especially based on what they know at the beginning determine they want to cancel their plans and start from the beginning.

But some things are certain. Destiny advertising and marketing and business can be diverse, inclusive, and related to the true desires of buyers.

Technology continues to increase at a fast speed, so of course, a number of these traits are targeted in generations. However, there is also a pushback that is contrary to the increase in digitalization and automation of interaction between producers and customers. At present, there is a preference to make extra-human advertising and marketing.

While technology including AI and advertisements and marketing recorded records continues to grow, comprehensive awareness can be in humans, now no longer a generation, these are some marketing trends that you must follow in 2022.

advertising and marketing

World-Class Customer Experience

We see big changes in the ideals of what advertisements and marketing are really true. Now I no longer want to persuade humans to shop from or paint together with your company slot. Conversely, concerns have moved towards offering extraordinary buyers’ stories as a way to maintain humans who will return to additional. When you realize building a high-quality company lifestyle and offering extraordinary providers, advertisements and marketing almost care for themselves. However, not impatient clients, however, they also need fish tacos added to a silver plate.

Employee Activation: A Giant Leap Beyond Engagement

If the green and fun provider is the foundation of the exceptional buyer’s experience, how do you make sure you offer this? The answer, of course, is in your personnel. The previously famous study also determined that 46% of customers will leave the logo if the personnel are not knowledgeable, and the terrible mindset of workers is the main component that prevents people from doing companies with the company.

I mentioned the activation of this worker. Your personnel are the human face of your logo, so targeting the interaction between your personnel and your clients must be an important part of your advertising and marketing strategy. When you change the task of making extraordinary customer support to your personnel, you want to make sure they need your company.

Story-Driven Content Visualization

With an intelligent audio system explosion and sound search in recent years, you will be forgiven for questioning that “read” content material is very important than the visuals and layout of the days.

In fact, this cannot be similar to the truth. While improvements in the search for sound in fact affect the way we will make content material now and with fate, you also should not forget the visible content material.

Visual is also not complicated not to forget as written content material. Adding visualization, infographic, images, and film notes to your textual content now is no longer the easiest to make it extra interesting and interesting, however, it can help your message also absorb higher.

Personalization: Your Key to Their Heart

When a buyer has the same merchandise in front of him, and he wants to determine which he will buy, my money in the logo gets his heart. One method for interacting with your client’s hearts beside their heads is to adjust advertisements and marketing to satisfy their desires.

Over the years, psychologists have taught us that humans like to listen to their calls and find them in print media. But the current generation allows virtual advertising and marketing groups to dig further into notes to find things that maintain clients at night – and find what messages will solve someone’s problem and give them an extraordinary night’s sleep.

In the 2002 minority film report, John Anderton, who was carried out with the help of using Tom Cruise, was bombarded with the help of using a series of personalized advertisements that called him with help using calls when he walked through the city. This turned into a striking knowledge of whole technology at that time, but now no longer many years later, the fact is almost trapped by the fate of advertising and marketing of Stephen Spielberg’s imagination.

11 Excellent Ways to Accessorise Your Bathroom

11 Excellent Ways to Accessorise Your Bathroom

If you are not sure if you can make a standard bathroom to the bathroom worthy of a resort, you need to think again. Just like you will add a touch of class or smooth details to any part of your home, you can also access your bathroom. Maybe you haven’t given much attention, or you have decided to put other aspects of your home first. Whatever it is, we will suggest 11 great ways for you to access your bathroom and make it great.

11 Excellent Ways to Accessorise Your Bathroom

1. Define your colors in the bathroom

Before you go shopping, determine your colour first. This will help you focus on the colour palette that suits your idea of ​​a very accessor bathroom. Consider the current colour of tiles and other dominant colours slot terbaru. If you like a simple solution, focus on the two-colour scheme to keep your bathroom stylish, but simple. If your colour scheme consists of three or more colours, remember this when making a purchase. Focus only on their colours and shades to avoid expensive mistakes.

2. The towels in bathroom

What is a better way to update your bathroom decoration besides adding a few new towels? On that note, when was the last time you updated your towel? If you don’t remember, now maybe it’s time to shop for a new bathroom towel. Try to get a set, so you can have a consistent colour scheme in your bathroom. You can always have additional towels on the shelf or in your reach. We are advised to change our towels after using them three times so you must have a stable towel supply. Every time you get a new set, you will update your bathroom vibration with a new colour.

3. Bathroom mat

Another step you can take is to update your bathroom mat. This gives a gentle landing after exiting the bathroom or stepping out of the bathtub. Because they can easily get wet, you must have at least one substitute, so the first can dry. If your bathroom colour scheme is simple, you can open it with a bright or remote bathroom mat. If you go for three or more colours, choose the most suitable.


4. Soap dispenser in bathroom

By adding a new soap dispenser or soap dish, you make a different style in an instant. You can buy a new set or just change your soap dispenser at this time. This comes in a different shadow so you will find a colour that matches your colour scheme. The soap dispenser also looks quite luxurious because it comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

5. Toothbrush holder in bathroom

Because your toothbrush must be placed upright for sanitation, find the right toothbrush. This is also another detail that can easily lift your bathroom, so invest in a new one. You can get a toothbrush place with the same colour and style as your soap dispenser or go for a set that suits your bathroom style as a whole. From stainless steel holders to glass, marble and ceramic toothbrush holders, there is one out there that suits your idea of ​​a well-accessed bathroom.

6. Upgrade your fixtures in bathroom

Changing bathroom equipment is a simple way to improve your bathroom. If you want to install a new bathroom accessory, you must change the basin set, a bath wall set or set shower. If the perfect bathroom you have black matte equipment, you can easily improve your current equipment. Even though you only update a few details, they will give a completely new bathroom.

7. Change your shower curtain in bathroom

Another way to add something new to your existing bathroom decoration is to change the bathroom curtain. If you are looking for a simple two -color scheme, just change the shower curtain color. If your bathroom is black and white and your bathing curtain is white, find black curtains or black and white. If your color scheme is richer than only two colors, find a colorful shower curtain that immediately lifts your mood.

8. Add shelves above a toilet

If there is a wall space on your toilet, try installing a rack or a pile of shelves. This will maximize your bathroom room while also increasing storage space. If you only have one shelf, it can be used solely for decoration. You can fill it with fragrant candles, fresh flowers, boxes of boxes, or other items, such as glass boxes for cotton buds. After being installed, it will definitely serve its purpose.

9. Bathroom fragrance

We all want our bathroom to smell fresh and clean all the time. While ordinary cleanliness is the number one solution, the bathroom fragrance can be a good touch too. Depending on the type of bathroom fragrance, this addition can also be a beautiful bathroom accessory. For example, you can place the place of incense sticks in the form of turtles on your shelf to appear as decoration and refresher to the bathroom air. You can also add diffuser and use your favorite essential oil as an additional relaxation technique when you bath and as a way to fight odor.

10. Consider adding plants in bathroom

Simply put – why not? If your bathroom is large enough to accommodate small green plants, find the best place for it. This will easily add a touch of green plants which are known to calm the mind and create a more pleasant atmosphere. Go for plants that survive in humid conditions and which also purify air.

11. Add a sound system in bathroom

Although it might sound unnecessary at first, this can be a good touch for your overall bathroom vibration, especially if you enjoy a long and relaxed bath, you want to feel like you are in the best spa. Add the sound system so that you can listen to soothing music and minimize the risk of dropping your cellphone in the bathroom because of wet hands.

Finally, don’t forget to enter window treatments. Even if your window is too small to fix the curtain, you can add some window decals that will obscure the appearance. Also, add various storage solutions to manage your goods and keep everything regular. Eleven tips will help you access your bathroom and make it look new.

Looking for Safe Soft Play Parks? Check Out WonderWorld

Looking for Safe Soft Play Parks? Check Out WonderWorld

Soft Play Parks: The main of one’s personality is laid in early childhood. An excellent part of who we’re as adults originates from who I was as a kid. When youngsters are uncovered to innovative things, their creativeness, and imagination Soft Play Parks. While it may be difficult to educate them on how they may let their creative self emerge, inculcating such ideas within their play can make them learn this stuff the enjoyment way. Indoor Soft Play Parks make their fun time filled with wealthy activities. If you’re searching for any soft play place for your children then make certain to look at WonderWorld. It is among the finest soft play adventure destinations for your children.

Looking for Safe Soft Play Parks

Your children may have their finest time due to their creative facilities. They’re a frequent option for many parents with regards to soft play parks. This is because from the following reasons:

Energizing activities: Every kid likes to sweat rather than stop when their favorite activity takes place. Their park has got the best activities in position for your children that can make them feel invigorated.

Soft Play Parks

Helps parents bond with their kids: Their play frames are made in a way that even adults could be covered. So, you may enjoy the organization of the kids when they enjoy yours!

Safety protocols in place: They be sure that the equipment within their soft play area Glasgow is protected for anybody entering the area. As well as that, they’re also very strict about Covid-19 protocols and be sure that the premises are secure for everybody.

So, as you can tell they provide facilities which will make their place the right one to choose any kid. Their soft play park offers services of the greatest kind for that parents and also the kids. For your benefit, they have got a web-based booking system through which you’ll book your tickets before reaching the venue. So, there’s no hassle with that part.

They likewise have a café selling food and beverages they serve all day long. So, all you need to do is only be there. They have the rest of the plans in position. You’ll find their park in Edinburgh, East Kilbride, Falkirk, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, and Perth. So, if you’ve been searching to find the Soft Play Parks facilities then you’ve now learned whom to make contact with. So, go on and take a look at the website for more information regarding their soft play park.