Chronology of Zhou Guanyu’s Accident in British F1

The 2022 British Grand Prix F1 race began with terrible drama at the first corner because of Zhou Guanyu’s accident. Alfa Romeo’s driver, Zhou Guanyu, was involved in a serious accident so the race at the Silverstone Circuit on Sunday (3/7/2022) had to be temporarily suspended. After the green light was turned on, Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) immediately took the lead in the race. He has a narrow lead over Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Ferrari). However, the red flag suddenly flew after an accident at the first corner.

This incident involved several cars so that Zhou, George Russel (Mercedes AMG Petronas), and Alexander Albon (Williams) were ruled out. Zhou’s car overturned and hit the barrier. Meanwhile, Albon had a chance to collide with Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin). The accident was quite gruesome as Zhou and Albon had to be taken to the nearest medical center. Esteban Ocon (Alpine) and Yuki Tsunoda (Scuderia AlphaTauri) must enter the pits to carry out car repairs.

While the red flag was flying, one spectator entered the track. Luckily, security officers quickly caught the unknown man. At this time, Zhou is declared to have realized even though he must undergo treatment. Albon has also been taken by helicopter to Coventry Hospital, England, for further treatment. Now, the race has resumed. Verstappen and Sainz were in a fierce competition for first place.

Zhou Guanyu’s Accident Collision Chronology at British Grand Prix F1

Chronology of Zhou Guanyu Accident in British F1

Horror incidents colored the start of the 2022 British Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix (GP) race, Sunday (3/7) night. The following is the chronology of the British GP F1 horror incident. A horror accident at the British GP F1 happened to Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu after being hit by Mercedes driver George Russell. In this race Zhou Guanyu started from ninth position, while Russell started the race from eighth position. As soon as the race started, the drivers immediately competed quickly to take over daftar poker online the best position before being able to enter the first corner. Russell, who was crossing the middle of the track, tried to move to the left to take over the racing line ahead of the first corner to the right.

However, while trying to cut to the left, Russell’s rear tire slightly hit the driver behind him, namely Pierre Gasly from the Alpha Tauri team, so Russell’s left front tire slightly twisted to the left and accidentally hit Zhou Guanyu’s right rear tire. The collision caused Russell’s car to twist and turn, while Zhou Guanyu’s car overturned and was dragged into the guardrail. Zhou Guanyu and his car continuously slid through the gravel upside down and the car made a 360-degree turn before hitting the parapet which was lined with tire barricades.

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