Historical Journey of The International Dota 2 Tournament Locations

Historical Journey of The International Dota 2 Tournament Locations

The Dota 2 (The International) highest caste tournament is one of the most anticipated events by fans around the world. Because, all great teams from various countries must take part in the competition. Not only that, the prizes offered are very tempting. So it’s no wonder this is the busiest dota tournament.

Because of its success, this tournament has now been run up to eleven times. Interestingly, this event was held in various big countries such as Germany to America.

The International 1: Cologne, Germany

The International 1 was first held in 2011 which took place in Cologne, Germany. In the world’s first Dota 2 tournament, this time Na’Vi and EHome became the team that made it to the Grand Final round. Both of them managed to beat other big teams like Invictus Gaming and Mineski.

But here Dendi and friends managed to beat EHome with excellent gameplay and momentum. This victory made the Na’Vi team win the first world title of The International.

The International 2 – The International 7: Seattle, United States

International Tournament 2 now has a much better stage than the previous year. The two teams were separated by quite a distance. The audience capacity is also increased. But interestingly, from TI 2 to TI 7, the location of this tournament was held in the same country, namely Seattle, United States of America.

In this match there were six winners namely iG, Alliance, Newbee, EG, Wings and Liquid. Interestingly, the six teams that won The International lifted the cup in the same place, Seattle.

The International 8: Vancouver, Canada

Having played six times in Seattle, Valve as the game’s developer has finally moved the tournament location to Vancouver, Canada. The more the community increases, the venue for the event is also thought out as well as possible.

In its 8th year of the tournament, Vancouver is one of the best and quite luxurious stages. At this event, OG managed to win the TI 8 tournament after defeating the strong Chinese team PSG.LGD.

The International 9: Shanghai, China

Shanghai China is the next country chosen by the developer Valve. The size and breadth of the location makes this stage one of the best. In the 9th year of the event, OG again won The International 9 tournament after defeating the TI champion team 7 Liquid.

The victory over Liquid in the TI 9 Grand Final made OG the team that won back to back Champions. Not only that, this victory also proved that OG was one of the strongest Dota 2 teams in the world at that time.

The International 10: Bucharest, Romania

In the 10th year of The International, now Romania is the country chosen by Valve. No half-hearted, the large number of people who attended the Bucharest Stadium became the most appropriate location to accommodate spectators from all over the world.

TSpirit became the team that managed to bring home this prestigious trophy after silencing runner up PSG.LGD in the Grand Final. Even though they had to face a large, experienced team, in the end this newcomer team was able to get through the hurdles very well.

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